Valuation Consulting

What is your practice really worth?

When you're looking to sell your practice, you need to have at least a basic understanding of how active buyers will view and value it. Failing to do so could leave you with unmet expectations after you've experienced the realities of the marketplace.

AdviserXchange offers valuation consulting services that give you answers to your questions regarding the real value of your practice in the marketplace. We also help you better understand how the market will view your practice, giving you the opportunity to enhance its value before moving ahead with a sale

Make sure you know the real value of your practice

We provide you with an estimate of the valuation range (and most likely value) for your practice in the open marketplace. You'll also receive an overview of the "typical deal structure" to help you prepare for what will come next from interested buyers.

And, if you're seeking to maximize your deal terms in a sale transaction, we offer comprehensive guidance on how you can reach this objective with your practice.

Valuation Consulting

  • Consulting and report fee: $995

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