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The Company

AdviserXchange is a division of Enterprise Financial Partners, LLC, a company that offers various advisory services to businesses, real estate investors and developers. AdviserXchange itself is a young company propelled by the expertise of its founder, Scott Houston, who has worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years.

His goal in launching AdviserXchange was to fill a void in the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) market by primarily helping small to mid-size financial and investment advisors sell or transition their financial practices. Other M&A professionals tend to focus on only the larger, more lucrative deals and very few of them specialize in the financial/investment field. AdviserXchange fills that gap.


Our Special Place in The Industry

Financial advisors come to AdviserXchange when they need more than just a listing or networking service. Our research told us many financial advisors engaged in buying or selling a financial advisory practice want hands-on guidance from a professional M&A adviser, one who is currently active in the marketplace and can help them with the entire process from valuation to closing.

Financial advisors dealing with succession planning told us they want help in designing an exit strategy that allows for a smooth transition before their departure from the practice, a strategy that leaves all parties satisfied.

Our focus on total proactive assistance throughout the transition process is the special something that makes AdviserXchange so different.

Our Founder

Founder and Managing Director Scott Houston has worked in the financial services industry for more than two decades. A large part of that time was at the regulatory, sales and executive levels (including that of President) in the commercial banking and securities sectors.

In addition to focusing a lot of his professional activities on upper-small and mid-market businesses, Mr. Houston also founded and co-founded several other companies. They involved financial advisory and M&A services, a commercial construction company, and various commercial and residential real estate projects.

Some recent highlights of Mr. Houston’s professional career include:

Advising and serving on the boards and executive committees of various companies and financial institutions around the country including one mid-market manufacturing company valued and sold in a cash deal for just under $100 million.

Advising and ultimately becoming Chief Financial Officer of another mid-market, multi-state industrial equipment company. After first initiating its IPO, the company subsequently sold for $150 million with the ownership receiving nearly $80 million in cash. Before Mr. Houston's involvement, they had almost sold for a fraction of that amount.

Because of his extensive background in the financial services industry, Mr. Houston is very comfortable working with all types of business clients, no matter what sector. Since he is most at home in financial services, AdviserXchange has become a major part of his organization.


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